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Regen: Market Opportunity
Regen: Market Opportunity

For REGEN Industrial Hemp USA, realizing its commercial potential and developing a supply chain for industrial hemp is our primary goal. Our ultimate goal is to aid the farmer and restore the rural economy. Industrial hemp will benefit from our unique modernized equipment and technical, conceptual, and design support.

REGEN’s mission is to establish sustainable hemp production options that benefit both the hemp sector and the environment as a whole. In addition, we'll be delivering high-quality end-user goods to the market to ensure that manufacturers, stakeholders, retailers, and consumers may have confidence in their supply chains.

Seize this Massive Market Opportunity

There is a substantial need for a third rotation crop other than corn and soybeans. According to the last census of the National Agricultural Statistics Service the United States had 537 million crop acres in 2021 “Frontier Data” and if 33% of the crop land in the United States is used for growing industrial hemp then up to 177 million acres could be used for growing industrial hemp. . We anticipate that our full capacity REGEN Max Decorticator will be able to process 10,000 to 18,000 acres of industrial hemp. Based on a potential 177 million crop acres, and with an anticipated price of $30 million per REGEN Max decorticator, our total addressable market is potentially more than $450 billion.

For 2022, we project accepting deposits for two REGEN Mini Decorticators while completing field trials. For 2023, we project accepting deposits for eight REGEN Mini Decorticators. In 2023, we expect REGEN equipment to be in full operation with sales of 10 REGEN Mini decorticators, deliverable in 2024. We anticipate selling 50 units (different configurations based on customer needs) in 2024, 75 units in 2025, 100 units in 2026, and 125 units in 2027 for a total of 360 units. Once the industry growing pains are aligned and the industrial hemp acreage expands, we anticipate a 30% annual increase above current sales.

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If you have any questions that have been left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact REGEN, and you can schedule a call with Jane Burnes Leverenz.

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