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Regen: Top Reasons to Invest
Regen: Top Reasons to Invest

At REGEN Industrial Hemp USA, our mission is to create a sustainable future by utilizing the commercial potential of industrial hemp.

Hemp is a relatively low-maintenance crop, with plants ranging in height from 3 to 15 feet. An average crop might take anywhere from 70 to 132 days from seeding to harvesting, according to factors such as use, variety, and local climate.

The decorticator has a potential market of $450 billion+, and together with our engineering company, we will be filing provisional patents for another four or five proprietary technologies.

Reason being: Based on our industry analysis, at this time REGEN is positioned to have the most cutting-edge technology available anywhere in the world; our facility and machinery are OSHA-approved.

When it comes to the quality of products, from seed to harvest to drying and processing, REGEN is the first company in history to have full control over every stage of the process. Our goal is to also assist farmers within the industry by implementing our technology.

Between our industrial hemp crop and our proprietary technical equipment, we have a sizable volume of marketable goods. Manitoba Harvest quoted our grain crop of 10,000 acres with an average of 1000 pounds of grain per acre, $7.9 million for 2023. There will be textile, hurd, grain, and biomass to sell from the hemp plants.

Hemp can be an excellent rotation crop for farmers nationwide because:

It suppresses weeds and reduces outbreaks of insects and diseases. Therefore, the need and costly input of herbicides and pesticides is drastically reduced or eliminated.
Hemp's extensive root system allows it to both replace organic matter and remediate the soil.
It is low input and has a high output depending upon variety.

The Hemp Solution

Industrial hemp can help usher in a new era of sustainable environmentally friendly farming.

Hemp could profoundly impact the environment and the economy. Hemp, a fast-growing, renewable alternative to many non-sustainable products like cotton, is one such example.

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