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Meet Our CEO
Meet Our CEO

Hemp for industrial use is a wonder crop. It thrives in a wide range of soils and is resistant to both weeds and pests. To begin with, hemp can be used in a variety of different industries from the automotive and high-tech sectors to the food and personal care industries, prosthetics, biodegradable plastic and paper. Industrial hemp was rendered illegal in 1937, despite its inherent advantages and wide range of applications. Since then, farming and manufacturing have evolved tremendously, but the harvesting and processing of industrial hemp has remained mostly the same. There had been no legal foundation for commercial hemp production for 81 years until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, which made it possible for the first time. Foreseeing a potential market opportunity, Jane Burnes Leverenz founded REGEN Industrial Hemp USA with the goal of creating new ways for producing, harvesting and processing industrial hemp.

Jane has 32 years of experience as a career visionary and entrepreneur. As a businesswoman, Jane launched and managed five successful enterprises. Jane has made numerous, long-lasting contributions to her community and state. Jane has a wealth of business knowledge and is a master at cultivating Team Players. She sees Industrial Hemp as a game-changer for the world economy and the best hope for reviving the US economy. Throughout her career, Jane has consistently demonstrated an ability to successfully implement new ideas and achieve her objectives.

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